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January 9, 2012 by idinnovation

Learning for International Non-Governmental Organizations Blog

If you are looking for an exciting and creative blog to follow make sure you check out the Learning for International Non-Governmental Organizations blog.  The blog shares the experiences and innovative ideas of the author’s experiences through their work with LINGOs member agencies.  The LINGOs blog was created in May 2008 and covers all topics related to learning. LINGOs Partners are learning leaders in the private sector who subsidize or donate access to their Learning Management Systems and industry-leading course catalogs for use by LINGO member organizations.

They maintain a LMS that encompasses hundreds of courses shared or donated by partners or members relating to Leadership and Management Development, Project Management, Personal Safety, Information Technology and Stress Management for Humanitarian Workers to name a few. Readers interested in learning about software, courseware, and systems and services have a substantial locus waiting to be unwrapped.

With a global network that reaches 125 countries around the world LINGOs network of members and learning resources is invaluable to any instructional designer who wishes to push their development potential to the limit and create innovative and global materials. Why wait check out their website if you need content and check out their blog if you want to peruse global learning trends and creative ideas.


The Learning Coach Blog

Connie Malamed is an author, consultant, speaker and blogger who has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design & Technology. She is the author of two blogs, the first one she refers to as a blogazine The Learning Coach is where strategies are presented, products are reviewed, and practical content and resources are provided to help other instructional designers create, cultivate content and comprehend online learning. I personally found her blog “21 Reasons Why Stock Photo Sites Make Me Cry” incredibly funny and dead on!  Why not read it?  Like most designers you have spent countless hours looking for the appropriate graphic only to find something that doesn’t meet your needs but meets your deadline.  The second blog is an extension of her book and is called Understanding Graphics.  There you will find information about visual language and visual design that is based on cognitive theory.

She is very engaging and encourages feedback from readers.  The teacher/student in her is personified on her blog where she offers to answer readers’ questions and interview experts if she does not know the answer herself.  It’s an innovative way to keep up to date with what people in the field of ID have questions about.  The information can be used on her business website Malamed Consulting to create chapters in her books of topics for her online training sessions.

Connie is not new to the instructional design field, her work spans many sectors but it is based on cognition.  Thus her research examines how people perceive, comprehend, and interpret information.  If you are looking for a specialist in cognitive psychology, design and communication then this is a blog you want to follow.  Her projects include online and multimedia learning, user experience design, visual presentations, information design, website design and authoring books on the cognitive learning process.

IDEA: Instructional Design for eLearning Approaches

The IDEA blog by Ferdinand Krauss provides a vast array of information on eLearning and instructional technology.  More specifically he focuses and includes many of the projects that he is learning in his current studies towards a Masters in Distance Learning.  The blog is organized into seven link areas that include: Educational Technology, eLearning Delivery Strategies, Faculty Development, Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, Learning Objects and Teaching Online.

Those that are in the field of education and instructional design will benefit greatly from the blog as that is the angle in which the information is presented.  While a lot of the information will likely prove useful the overall feel of the blog is impersonal and requires that the reader “click through” the blog in order to get to the many different sites and resources that are provided. It would be useful for the blogger to provide summaries of the content that you are linking to instead of linking directly to several different sites. The likelihood of reading this blog on a regular basis is slim but I think it could prove to be a useful source for up to date and relevant content in the field of eLearning and technology.


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