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October 23, 2012 by idinnovation

One of the sites I am reviewing is, this website provides E-learning tool for teachers. Teachers can create educational activities, quizzes and crosswords for online practice, testing and revision. Educators can easily prepare printable activities, create class pages, check knowledge and improve student results (Soft Glow, 2012). According to Mayer (2012) because access to information is immensely vast on the internet it levels the field for students because everyone has access. He contends that because students have such immense access students need to develop different forms of literacy than traditionally required; these new requirements force students to make since out of an enormous amount of information and communicate in the various media mediums. This can be difficult because the students have to decipher what is important and what is not important as well as integrate the information into something that is coherent and makes since to them (Laureate Online, 2012). This website uses a minimalistic approach to graphics which I think as Pointer (2012) notes contributed the ease of use. Decorating websites can distract from content and can distract from the intended message. I think they used colors, backgrounds and graphics that did not distract from learning and cause cognitive overload (Laureate Online, 2012).

I also took a look  at this graphic when I came across it, it reminded me of previous bylines I had chosen for use in college. I remember some people being offended by the underlining meaning, perceived meaning or various negative, sexual or otherwise inappropriate connotations. The overall advertisement is not visually stimulating with dull blue background and graphically auto generated clouds behind the people. The text itself is spaced appropriately, the color is bright and stands out against the blue background and the text is easy to read. Pointer (2012) notes that in order to affirm that designers are using graphics wisely they should ask themselves why the graphics are being used: do they draw attention, illustrate a point, introduce a subject or support other content (Laureate Online, 2012). The dreaming of a bigger package text leaves little to the imagination and is inappropriate for the context in which it is being used. Thus I would say that the graphic as a whole is not purposeful, effective or appropriate. While the message between the visual and verbal is clear the connection to the intended context is lost and the message instead comes of inappropriate and unprofessional.
As instructional designers I think it is imperative that technology be used in a way that complements learning and in a way that is consistent with the way in which people learn ((Laureate Online, 2012). When designers create content the use of graphics and text should be utilized in ways that encourage learning and do not distract from the messages that are being communicated through the instruction. Technology should not be used as the means to decide which direction the educational plan goes but rather a means to complement and provide a medium in which learning can occur based on educational learning models and principals.
I didn’t want to use this as I found that it was too ridiculous. But if you want to see what not to do when creating websites check out this link:
If he can charge $70.00 bucks an hour for website design and create the examples provided I think we all are in the wrong profession

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  1. Tischann says:

    Hello Sharifa, I have added your blog to my RSS page and look forward to a terrific distance learning class on distance learning!

  2. Amy Hall says:

    Hi Sharifa,
    It’s good to see you once again. I’m following your posts because you always share information that I find useful. Looking forward to another great ID class together!

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