Training in Ninety Seconds

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July 4, 2013 by idinnovation

Organizational learning refers to employees acquiring knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes and behaviors. Managing organizational talent is necessary to attract, retain, develop and motivate high skilled and performing employees. The changing demographics and diversity of the workforce is leading to increased age and cultural diversity of the workforce.  The utilization of unique models that address the diversity, complexity, various perspectives and backgrounds of workplace environments have produced strong models that continue to be emerge and evolve it is essential that organizations utilize these


methods in order to effectively manage employee development. Our awareness of our products processes and most importantly our people allow us to quantify the benefits of performance improvement. The cost associated with people is about 70 percent of organizational budgets. Improving the information used by workers raises their assessed performance significantly.  Never less than 20% improvement is seen however, rates can reach sometimes as high as 600 percent. Managers today are expected to manage individual and team performance, develop and encourage continued employee learning, plan and allocate resources by assigning task and deadlines that meet the organizational strategic plan and coordinate activities and interdependent teams. Training and development goals should align to the organizational goals and objectives this allows the organization to achieve a competitive advantage.

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