Personal Development Plan


August 18, 2013 by idinnovation

Name: Sharifa Adisa              Title: Clinical Instructional Designer

Competencies/ Strengths

  • Project Management and Project Execution (time management, efficient communication, action oriented)
  • Customer Focus (team building, respectful, detail oriented)
  • Results Driven (competency, strategic thinking, encourage team cohesiveness)
  • Written Communication (ability to communicate message effectively and efficiently)

Areas for Improvement

  • Organizational knowledge  (priorities, plans, departmental functions)
  • Overly ambitious (can sometimes over review and push deadlines to ensure accuracy and aesthetic appropriateness

Development Goals

  • Long-term: Participate in coaching relationships with peers and management with the goal of motivating them, assisting in the development of skills and provide and reinforcement and feedback as appropriate. This is beneficial to my development in that coaching develops high-potential management, assists with changing counterproductive behaviors and provides trusted sources to act as sounding boards.
  • Ongoing: Formal education programs to include onsite and offsite programs that directly correlate to the functions of the instructional designer.  The formal courses will foster skills in instructional design technology, assessments and evaluation, and multimedia interactive learning techniques.
  • Ongoing: Job enlargement adds both new challenges and responsibilities to a role.  Seeking creative and innovative ways to assist departments manage learning and development goals.  This will assist the instructional designer in learning more about the organizational structure and culture but foster leadership skills and organizational skills to help departments reach their goals.
  • Short-term: Assessment exercises are designed identify employees with managerial potential and measure the strengths and weaknesses of current management. Optional methods are personality test, performance appraisals and 360- degree feedback systems.

Next Assignments

  • Develop of staff and management SharePoint course to include interactive activities and unit assessments 2nd quarter 2014.
  • Development of Case Management interactive activities that demonstrate the soft skills required to complete full cycle case generation process.

Training and Development Needs

  • Courses in online learning will allow me to practice and improve effective methods for managing and implementing online instruction.  My current position is very dynamic and requires that develop instructional strategies, these courses will assist me in developing current instructional strategies in combination with multimedia and course management tools.

Management Development Presentation



Noe, R. A. (2013). Employee training and development (6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

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  1. Lisa Eaton says:

    Hello Sharifa,

    I will be following your blog.

    Lisa Eaton

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