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September 26, 2015 by idinnovation

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Bluetooth technology is wireless technology use to send data over short distances. It enhances usability for users seeking to connect their devices to home stereo systems, car systems and other Bluetooth compatible devices. Users of electronic devices likely have numerous USB cables in their homes and offices, which they use to connect their devices. Recent upgrades in technology now enable users to throw all those cords in a bottom drawer and simply enable Bluetooth on their devices. Seamlessly they can connect to their home computer, stereo and even the corresponding systems of their friends and family.

Most technology that is available to purchase today has Bluetooth functionality. Using the Bluetooth in the car is much like the speakerphone of yesterday. Users can answer a call by simply pressing a button on their steering wheel. Hands-free calls follow. The future of Bluetooth technology is vast. The likelihood of long-range wireless data transmitting is imminent. Technology will connect to cloud-based networks and effectively transmit large amounts of data in the very near future.


6 thoughts on “Blog Post on Emerging Technologies Tetrad

  1. Yali says:

    Hi Sharifa,
    Great post on the tetrad of iPod touch! When my husband bought an iPod touch, I was wondering why bought it since we already had iPhones. But when I started to use iPod touch, I actually liked it! It has similar appearance as the iPhone, but with much lighter weight and more colors to choose. Except for making phone calls and sending text messages, I can use iPod touch almost like an iPhone in a wireless environment. With all the communication apps available, I can also send texts as well as make audio and video calls to stay connected with my friends with iPod touch.

  2. Paul Hodgson says:

    Do you think short range communication technologies like Apple AirPlay have a place in your tetrad?

    • idinnovation says:

      You know, you make a good point. Apple Airplay definitely has a place – my approach was a bit more general in nature. Perhaps outlining specifically more available products would have been useful in painting a picture. Thanks for your question.

  3. Your tetrad is well done and you make some good points about Bluetooth and Cloud based devices. Once we experience the convenience of the latest greatest technology, it is hard to think of life before it and difficult to go backward and live life without the technologies we depend on. We had an introductory offer to high speed Internet once, and when the intro-offer expired the rate doubled. It frustrated us so we bumped back down a level. We lasted 3 days before we called back and paid the doubled price.

    I remember learning in a Sociology class years ago that downward socioeconomic mobility is very difficult for people. I think downward technology mobility is also quite hard to endure. Once we experience the world at our fingertips, it is hard to go back to older technology and be content.

    Have an amazing day!

  4. Lynn Millard says:

    I like the bluetooth technology, especially now that my car has it. I would definitely not want to go back to a car without it. It is so much less hassle when listening to audio books, dealing with calls and ignoring texts.

    I was curious if you found anything on radio waves. I am a ham radio operator and radio waves are there in any bandwidth from computers, ham radios, phones, they all have a frequency. Ham radio operators tend to get cataracts in the eye closest to where they use the radio. This may be a wives tale or an old ham radio yarn to spin, but it does make a person wonder what that is doing for or against us. Most of the waves are harmless, but I am thinking it is something they have to check for when they make these devices.


  5. sappkelly says:

    Your tetrad is awesome. I agree that ipod touch is growing stronger daily. It is allowing many to do things they never thought they would do. I remember life without it and wonder how I ever survived. Now with the cloud, I wonder the same thing. I hope that we as a society do not get too hooked on the technology and then if it goes down for a short time that we struggle to function.
    Kelly Sapp

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