During my tenure at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, I worked closely with faculty partners and program administration to coordinate and track the progress of course content development. Online courses were designed to foster community of learner standards, adhere to adult pedagogy instructional strategies, methodologies and implementation standards. In addition to providing tier-two technical support, I was responsible for recommending and implementing interface and design controls and authored processes to ensure institutional efficiency. My creativity, flexibility, and innovation in course design allow me to address customer comments and questions relating to online course design, development and instructional design best practice. A personable approach to design allows for seamless interfacing with stakeholders, business partners, and other internal/external clients.

EmblemHealth fostered my professional development through the management of learning and instruction for the Medical Management Operations division for which I oversaw development of face-to-face, eLearning and regulatory job aids for five departments. As the divisions, Administrator for both the LMS and SharePoint site I designed and developed a video learning library, extended learning site and authored the new hire curriculum.

C.P & Associates and Bilingual Solutions allowed for continued growth in instructional design. I designed and developed training programs to include tasks, learning objectives, formatting, organization, content, lesson maps, instructional strategies, methodologies, learning events and activities, interfaces and design controls.

At Littler Mendelson, I provided graphic design, creative expertise, and adult learning principles to produce interactive e-Learning and classroom based materials for both internal and external audiences. As the principal developer of instructor guides, participant materials, presentation assets, and other required course materials I managed and cataloged all training deliverables and course content. I facilitated the work-flow of the development process by coordinating the input from content experts, editors, graphic artists, programmers, production staff, and other organizational teams

My positive attitude and willingness to give 150% makes me a valuable asset to any organization that employs me. Being both a team player and a confident and thorough independent worker, I strive to produce my absolute best in all employment scenarios.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Eric Fowler says:

    Hi Sharifa…it’s Eric Fowler from EDUC 6135. I just wanted to let you know that I will be following your blog this course. Good luck in the course.

  2. Learning IDT says:

    Hi Sharifa,

    Very nice to meet you. Welcome to EIDT-6510. I will be following your blog. Also, I am curious to know what your research on Emotional Intelligence (EI) revealed. It is an area that interests me a great deal and which I think is in short supply….particularly in the corporate environment.

    See you in class.


  3. idt2me says:


    I am looking forward to learning from and with you in EIDT 6510.



  4. Tonya Wingfield says:

    I am following your blog.

  5. Hello Sharifa. I am following your posts for class.


  6. idinnovation says:

    It is my hope that everyone enjoys reading my contribution to the field of online learning and that I provide thought provoking arguments that encourage further dialogue.

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